Work packages

Work package 1 lays the ground for the entire project by identifying the major characteristics of the involved models and existing scenarios. This starts by defining criteria that represent the dynamics of changing energy markets and respective social consequences.

Work package 2 aims at improving the robustness, coherence, and usefulness of existing models by targeting the main dynamics of changing energy markets and technologies.

Work package 3 develops socio-technical context scenarios. Using a Cross-Impact-Balance (CIB) approach consistent and transparent qualitative scenarios will be created. Based on these scenarios we will identify and specify consistent datasets.

Work package 4 identifies data sets and distills scenarios for the model comparison. This serves as a fundament for the comparison exercise in work package 5 and is also based on the storylines developed in work package 3.
Work package 5 focuses on the categorisation of each energy system model. Therefore, model runs will be conducted with different scenarios resulting from WP4. Due to the nature of the different modelling approaches, results will vary between the models. In order to enhance the understanding of the different model effects, an in-depth analysis is necessary.
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