Work package 2: Development and analysis of models (WP2)

Work package 2 aims at improving the robustness, coherence, and usefulness of existing models by targeting the main dynamics of changing energy markets and technologies. In particular, the transformation of the German and European energy systems will be analyzed to accommodate more renewable power generation. Hence, the appropriate representation of different aggregation levels, social phenomena, and acceptance should allow the models to address the energy problematic with a holistic approach. The five existing models will be developed further in a collaborative, transparent way in order to provide better answers to current and future energy-related issues. The model development is grouped into the four clusters technology, acceptance, regions, and uncertainty. Moreover, models will be developed under the following goals:

  • reducing the development complexity through cooperation,
  • improving the quality through standardized development and exchange
  • ensuring the models' transparency, and visibility within the modelling community.
Supported by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy